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Hire Terms and Conditions

  1. The price of dress hire varies depending on the garment and the price for a specific dress will be clearly indicated to the customer.
  2. The hire period is 3 days from the date of collection and if not returned within that period a late penalty will be applicable of €50 per day for each day it is overdue.
  3. On booking a dress, the customer must pay a booking deposit of 50% of the hire price for the dress. The customer shall be entitled to a “change of mind period” of 48 hours and if the booking is cancelled within that time that deposit shall be fully refunded. Thereafter in the event of cancellation the booking deposit shall be retained to compensate for the loss to Angels Clothing Limited of having forgone other bookings of that dress for the same date. However if the customer has paid more than 50% of the hire price then such excess (other than alteration costs) shall be refunded on any cancellation.
  4. Alterations to improve the fit or alter the length of the dress can be carried out for an additional charge of €25.00 and should be ordered when the dress is booked and will be based on the measurements taken at the time of booking. Angels Boutique does not warrant that a dress will be “the perfect fit” after such alterations but may as a matter of goodwill and at the discretion of the manager take additional steps to facilitate a customers wishes where practicable within the timeframe available.
  5. During Debutante Ball Season, Angels Boutique allows only one of each colour of a particular dress to one school.
  6. The customer should understand that each dress is a hire garment and will be supplied in good condition on that basis. While stock is replaced frequently the dress is unlikely to be brand new. The dress is likely to have been hired to others between the time of booking and hire period and will have been carefully cleaned between each wearing. The dress may also have had minor alterations or repairs carried out in the meantime. The customer accepts that these matters do not breach the good condition of the dress.
  7. In the event of the dress which a customer has booked having been destroyed, stolen or seriously damaged to the extent that repairs have substantially changed the character of the garment, the customer will be notified as soon as possible after such an event has happened and will be given the option of either a full refund of all payments, proceeding with the repaired garment (if any) or of choosing another dress for hire. Angels Clothing Ltd. will make all reasonable attempts to satisfy the customer’s requirements but due to the exclusive nature of the dresses it is unlikely to be possible to obtain an identical replacement.
  8. The customer is responsible for damage which occurs to the dress during the hire period and Angels Clothing Ltd. reserves the right to charge the customer for such damage or, in the event of total destruction, damage beyond repair to good condition, or complete failure to return the dress, the full retail price of the dress.

Damage Deposits

  1. For long dresses, delicate fabrics and our more expensive designer gowns, in addition to the cost of hire the customer must pay a damage deposit of €100.00 to be held against damage and/or permanent staining of the dress. Please note that this will apply to most of our stock although not to some of our less expensive party dresses; staff will inform the customer whether this deposit applies at the time of booking.
  2. In the event of such damage, the deposit will be applied towards the cost of repair. If after return and cleaning, the dress is undamaged has has no permanent stains, the full amount of the deposit will be returned to the customer.
  3. Deposits are payable on or before the collection of the dress which will not be released to the customer without such payment. In practice, damage deposits are usually made in cash for ease of refund but upon request can be paid by credit or Laser card and in such event will only be refunded by refund to the same card. Angels Clothing Ltd. may, in the event of minor damage requiring only limited repairs, and at the discretion of the manager, refund a portion of the deposit if the full amount is not required to pay for repairs.
  4. The damage deposit will be applied against the full cost of repair or replacement and the customer will remain responsible for the balance of the cost.
  5. In the case of dresses to which the €100 damage deposit does not apply, customers may be offered the opportunity (at the discretion of the management) to pay a non refundable fee of €20.00 to insure against damage or destruction and if such an insurance payment is agreed upon and made, the customer will not be further liable for the cost of such damage or destruction provided the damaged dress is returned.
  6. The customer warrants that she is 18 years of age or older or in the alternative has specifically notified Angels Clothing Ltd. that she is under 18 and has confirmed the consent of a parent or guardian.